Prayer Breakfast Fellowship
This ministry has been ongoing for over 30 years. Approximately eight people meet regularly every Saturday morning to share breakfast.  Prayer concerns of members and friends as well as concerns of local, national and global concerns are lifted up in prayer.  During their time together, three names from Glenwood's membership as well as the name of a clergy person from within the Moravian denomination are randomly drawn to keep in prayer for the week. A note is written to these people letting them know that they will be held in prayer for that week. Notes of thanks have come back indicating that the timing was uncanny.

Grace Homeless Shelter
Every other month Glenwood members and friends donate food and serve breakfast at Porchlight, Inc.'s Drop-in Shelter at Grace Episcopal Church. We, along with other churches and service groups, have an assigned day to share with those who drop in for a warm evening and morning meal.

The Road Home
Formerly named Interfaith Hospitality Network, this organization brings shelter, meals and support services to homeless families in need. Glenwood is a "buddy" church with two other churches in Madison. Midvale Lutheran Church is the main site where for one week, four times a year, homeless families are housed and fed meals. As a participating church, members of Glenwood provide meals, serve meals, and supply overnight chaperones. For a period of three months participants in The Road Home receive help with finding jobs and acquiring permanent housing while having food and shelter provided. Many families have been helped through this service and Glenwood is pleased to be a part of it.

Glenwood Book Club
Read a good book lately? Chances are the members in this group have. Every month a book is chosen to read and the fun is had when everyone meets a restaurant on a weekday evening for dinner and conversation about the book.  Choice of restaurant many times is selected to coordinate with the locale of the book being read. 

Ice Cream Social
What happens when a Trombone Choir and good food come together near the last Sunday of August?  A really good time, that' what!  Our trombones present so many genres, you really have to come to enjoy their musicianship.  What could possibly be better than to sit in the shade, listen to a variety of music while eating hamburgers, and brats and topping that off with a homemade brownie and ice cream!

October German Dinner Fundraising Event
Usually scheduled for the third Saturday in October but, we admit, we have to check the Badger schedule first!  Look for a Badger away game and check our website for a meal of sauerbraeten, rot krot, slaw salad and spaetzle with apple crisp with topping for dessert.  German music sets the appropriate ambience.  Approximately 50% of the proceeds of this event are donated to local foodbanks.

November Chicken Pie Fundraiser Event
Why did the chicken cross the road?  So he could join his friends who volunteered to be part of one of our successful mission projects.  Chicken meat (both white and dark) is diced and placed between delicious crusts provided by Scott's bakery. This is a taste sensation and a truly original gift idea.  Nearly 500 pies are created to not only feed people's bodies but also their spirits as many people tell us that are given as gifts. 

Glenwood Trombone Choir
This ministry has been ongoing for 30 years.  Our musicians perform in various venues around Madison and Wisconsin sharing sacred music and Moravian chorales.  They are our musical ambassadors to other churches sharing their gifts of music. A few of the musicians also compose and arrange music as well.

The Caring Collection
A project which connects people who give to those who are in need.  Glenwood Moravian actively supports the following local missions:  The Road Home (for families in transition), the Grace Homeless Shelter for Men, and the Allied Food Pantry (one of a number of services offered by Allied Partners).