OUR PASTOR:     Rev. Katie Van Der Linden         

To Everything, There is a Season…
    Saying farewell is never easy. I have been your pastor since October of 2012 when we moved in on a brisk Saturday and sat down to a German Dinner. I enjoyed opening my garage door to loads of food, which I thought was a nice welcome, but was really just cold storage. My garage never smelled so delicious.
    It is not easy to say goodbye and this was not something I was looking to do. In our Moravian structure, churches looking for pastor get a list of all pastors under call and discuss the pros and cons of pastors, narrowing their search to a few individuals and then choosing one. Aaron and I know that God's timing is not our own. It was not at all an easy decision. You are a congregation that we love and have enjoyed serving. You embrace one another, have many talented people and show up to ministries, where many others would not. You care about each other and welcome everyone to the table, no matter their history, challenges, or beliefs. You really are a light on the hill and I know that God has plans to help you shine even brighter.
    I am sorry that there are ministries I have left unfulfilled. I am sorry that I could not lead you in a way that perhaps you needed. I am not sorry though, for what I have gone through with you, especially this year. You have embraced my decisions and my family whole-heartedly and I am not sure that other congregations can do the same. Keep up your welcoming spirit. Reach out to those who enter and find ways to connect to the community. You are an amazing place and people, please do not forget this.
    As my family and I prepare to move, Glenwood needs you now more than ever. There are many board positions open. If you wish to have a part in the future of the church, now is the perfect time to step up. Get on a board, talk to members, offer to lead worship, preach, pray. There are wonderful new opportunities that come with change and the more who can help, the better and stronger Glenwood's ministry can be. Glenwood Church exists not because of the pastor, but because of the members and the ministries. Step up, see where you can help, challenge yourself to be part of something more. You do have the talent, are you willing to give of your time?            Blessings, Pastor Katie