OUR PASTOR:     Rev. Katie Van Der Linden          NOW IS THE TIME, WE ARE CALLED TO CARE!
    These last few weeks have been a roller-coaster of emotions and challenges. Here is an update, in case you had not heard. Pastor Katie went into very early labor on July 20th and delivered two baby boys via emergency c-section. Baby Evan, weighing 1lb 12 oz, lived for almost a whole day before being called home and held by his dads one last time. Baby Andrew, weighing 1lb 8oz, was in critical condition in the NICU with his dads by his side, but also passed away on August 2nd. Please pray for the dads at this very sad and difficult time. Also keep Pastor Katie and her family in prayer as well as this has been very traumatic for all of them, in many ways.
    Pastor Katie needs healing time and is on maternity leave. She appreciates cards, letters, emails, texts and calls. If you wish to stop by, please call/text first just to make sure it is a good day. Some days are better than others and she appreciates your care and your patience as the whole family needs time to heal. In her time of leave (and when she is back), church needs your help. Our ministries continue and we are called to reach out to others even when our pastor is unavailable. The Joint Board has already stepped up to work on some ministries but really needs us all to step up and take on some rolls in the church.                            Here are some ways you can help…
Preach! - Roger Ash and Ian Smith are working on lining up preachers while Pastor Katie is gone. They are focused on August 27th through September 24th. We have lots of gifted preachers in our midst as well as the province covers preachers if we need to fund pulpit supply. So chat with Roger and Ian if you wish to preach or have someone you can contact to preach at our church.
Ice Cream Social Volunteer - Ian Smith is working on getting people in charge of different areas of the ice cream social. Can you be a leader? These areas include: grilling, meal serving, ice cream, brownies, cashier. It is on Sunday August 20th from 4-6 and we really need people to step up and lead areas to connect to the neighborhood. This is a great way to connect to the people around us.
SWMM Lovefeast Coordinator - Southern Wisconsin Moravians for Mission have an annual meeting, lovefeast and worship that is held at different churches each year. Glenwood was chosen this year and the date is Sunday September 17th at 2pm. Glenwood is responsible for the lovefeast, the musician for the service and a light lunch following the program. It would be helpful if one or two people could volunteer to lead this and get the people from our church. It is not complicated, but another way in which we connect to others around us.
Pastor Staci Maresse-Wheeler of Lakeview Moravian Church is covering any on-call emergencies for our church and also has been a wonderful resource for Pastor Katie.  The GUM will be on hiatus while Pastor Katie is out, so feel free to contact the church office if you have any questions about upcoming ministries or need assistance.
    Thank you for your care and patience through this time. We all thought we had much more time to prepare for Pastor Katie's maternity leave and we all wish we still did. Please continue to pray, especially for Glen and Jeremy. Parents should never have to say goodbye to their children. Thank you for your support, understanding and your willingness to step up at this unexpectedly difficult time.                    Blessings, Pastor Katie