OUR PASTOR:     Rev. Katie Van Der Linden         

To Everything, There is a Season…
    Five Years have gone by rather quickly. It seems like just yesterday the moving truck was pulling up to the front door and we were unloading as people were bringing food for the German Dinner. After we unloaded the truck, we enjoyed a warm German meal and were introduced to lots of people. We began to settle in and life as the pastor of Glenwood began. It was filled with fun and chaos, good times and difficult times. As with all ministries, there is also a time for transition, a time to say farewell.

    It has been a wonderful experience being your pastor. You have taught me that age is just a number and that you are never too old to try something new. You have inspired me with your willingness to try new things and your support even when ideas seem strange or different. You have reminded me that small can be mighty and that you have lots of ministry left to do.

    Continue to support one another. Continue to be open to trying new things and look to see where you can truly be of service. Invite others to join you in your own ministry. Seek to connect with neighbors and find where our church can partner with others. Rekindle friendships and work on humility and patience. Glenwood is a unique congregation and you should be proud of it. Everyone truly does have a place in the family of Glenwood Moravian Community Church.
Blessings, Pastor Katie